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Spring Startup

Image by Petar Tonchev
Let us ensure that your system is ready for the watering season.

During our spring startup process, our technicians will turn your system on and check your entire system for any repairs that may be needed.  We adjust your system's sprinkler head to ensure proper coverage of your lawn. Our highly trained technicians are able to accurately and efficiently be able to locate any problems.  We will reprogram your controller to ensure that your system is set to the proper settings for your lawn.  If you have a rain sensor, we will make sure that it is working properly to ensure that your system isn’t wasting water.

Some common issues that we see that may need to be addressed during your spring start up include:

-broken sprinkler heads

-valves not working properly

-leak in pipes

-and more!

We will address any smaller repairs during the spring start up.  If a larger issue is found, our technician will inform the customer and schedule a time to return to fix the issue.  

Image by Mihály Köles
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